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Kundalini Training

If you have no previous experience in Bioenergy Therapy, but curious to learn it, we suggest that you take the basic Kundalini Training to test the water. Kundalini Training allows you to utilize Bioenergy of Reproduction System, and is the most representative training that allows you to experience firsthand, what it takes to become a Bioenergy Therapist.
During this training, the instructor will awaken your Kundalini and push it until it reaches the base of the brain (the Sahasrara). You will then be assisted to practice the Yang (warm) energy rotation, the Yin (cool) energy rotation, the internal circulation, and how to perform simple therapy to yourself or others.

Basic Level Bioenergy

If you have had some experience, be it using Reiki, Prana or such, or you have took Kundalini Training and decided to  continue your study, then you have to take the Basic Level Bioenergy course. Your Kundalini Training credit can be used to obtain discount for this course
In this course, you will learn how to train yourself in the use of 5 types of Bioenergy:
  • Bioenergy of reproduction system
  • Bioenergy of blood circulation system
  • Bioenergy of nervous system
  • Bioenergy of endocrine system (specifically Bioelectric) 
  • Bioenergy of breathing system

Advanced Level Bioenergy

This is the continuing course from the Basic Level Bioenergy, and basically introduces you to more sophisticated therapy technique, using the 5 types of bioenergy. Currently, after completing this course, you will receive one year complimentary membership in the association of therapist, called Perkumpulan Reiki Indonesia, and you will also receive letter of recommendation, that allows you to apply for the permit to open therapy practice that caters to general public.
Waskita Reiki does not hold these basic training courses, but instead we have affiliated institutions that hold these courses. 
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