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The meaning of clairvoyance

Generaly, clairvoyance is often also called as «third eye».  Definition of clairvoyance differs depending on who you asked, but in Waskita Reiki the definition used is the definition based on science, which is «the skill to utilize optical nerves to see energy which cannot be seen using the naked eye

Research on clairvoyance in Waskita Reiki

Clairvoyance is not a new thing and around the world there are so many people who practice clairvoyance, however the majority of them considers clairvoyance as some sort of spiritual power and only very few truly study it as a form of skill and conduct scientific research. Because of this, Waskita Reiki chose not to translate its clairvoyance materials from available materials, but instead conduct its own research, accompanied by various eksperiments which results has been analyzed and concluded scientifically. Thus, over 90 percent of the material for clairvoyance study in Waskita Reiki is original as results from the Research and Development department of Waskita Reiki.

Benefits of Clairvoyance

Health detection

By having clairvoyance skill, we can perform early detection on disease, even before symptoms started to appear. A clairvoyance expert can be compared to one who own a portable MRI scanning equipment, furthermore  in a few thing clairvoyance has better sensitivity level compared to MRI (Magnetic Resolution Imaging), that is , nearly equal to PET (Positronic Emission Tomography).

Character detection

If compared to psychology, a clairvoyance exper can identify the character of a person he/she sees within much shorter time, only around 10 seconds,  and can be done only based on photograph and the accuracy of analysis is over 80 percent. A psychology expert will need to conduct communication with the person being analyzed and to achieve 80 percent accuracy usually takes several communications. Furthermore, clairvoyance makes it possible to perform capability analysis, IQ level, confidence, honesty, and even compatibility between 2 person, without the need to conduct tests or question and answer session, therefore it is very useful for the need of Human Resources in the placing of the right person for the right position.


To certain level clairvoyance can be used to know whether someone is having a bad intention, is lying or in unstable mental condition, and therefore with clairvoyance it is possible to avoid many conditions that can be dangerous.

Clairvoyance technique

The process of normal seeing is light reflected to the eye lens, which then focused and sent to optic disc. The light resuted from the focusing is then transmitted in form of energy signal through the optical nerves to the brain. Optical nerves of the right eye crosses to left brain and optical nerves of the left eye crosses to the right brain, carrying slightly different energy due to the different angle of viewing and therefore producing an image having 3 dimension. In the crossing, the two nerves meet in one point named Optic Chiasm and it is this meeting area which is used in clairvoyance and often called as «third eye».

The process of seeing in clairvoyance is by receiving energy directly in the area of the third eye and sends it to the brain; of course this means the energy received by left brain and right brain will have the same viewing angle and therefore the resulting image is only 2 dimension. The resulting colors are also different because the energy received does not originated from light; if you are to imagine the colors of rainbow in your mind, it is like those colors in the mind that the colors will be seen in clairvoyance. To see energy that does not touch the third eye area, a scan is performed by drawing energy from the stomach area, sends it over to the top of the head and then blasting it towards the energy to be scanned; it is the reflection of this energy which will be received and analyzed. By observing the method, we know that clairvoyance cannot be utilized to know distance, position or physical colors of an object emitting energy, and the energy type that can be seen is only of the same type with the energy produced by our body.

In conducting character or health detection, the energy analyzed is the energy covering the body of living creatures and commonly called as Aura. This Aura is none other than energy which has been processed by the body, then disposed of. Because it is a processed energy, the color and density of the energy automatically differs depending on activity, thought and condition of the body of the living creature; this is why by performing analysis on the color and thickness of a person's aura, we can know the health condition of that person, for example yellow in overall is the result of use of intelligence, while a thinning aura and dark gray in color is the sign of health problem in the area.

Studying clairvoyance in Waskita Reiki

In Waskita Reiki, all attendee of Reiki I workshop is provided with introduction to clairvoyance and for those who are interested to delve in it, can attend special clairvoyance workshop

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#4. firman sabar, 1 year and 6 months ago

salam, saya ingin tau info sekretariat /cp waskita reiki utk kota cirebon, terima kasih sebelumnya

#3. Irwan Effendi, 2 years ago

Kalau di Padmajaya itu cenderung ke aliran kebatinan pak.

Ya, Gtumo esoteric memang mengandalkan daya tahan penyembuh

#2. m zainal fikri, 2 years ago

selamat siang
mau tanya pak, saya tertarik dengan metode reiki untuk penyembuhan penyakit
ada beberapa hal yang ingin saya tanyakan
1. apa beda reiki Tummo dengan g'tumo
2. kalo dari penjelasan di wall bahwa untuk membunuh virus maka terjadi peningkatan ketahanan tubuh atau imunitas yang di bawa oleh terapis bukan oleh energi penyembuh sehingga bisa dikatakan tidak efektif buat praktisi sendiri bila ada 10 orang minta disembuhkan....
kalau deikian bagaimana pak?

#1. agus sugiartono, 2 years and 2 months ago

Kpan ngadakan pelatihan dibalikpapan, minta infonya ke email saya: a_ghostsugie@yahoo.co.id

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