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About Bioenergy

Bioenergy is defined as: energy​ ​that​ ​is​ ​produced​ ​or used​ ​directly​ ​by​ ​living​ ​being.
All of our activities, down to the cellular level, require the use of Bioenergy. Simply put, our physical body is our hardware, while our thought, reaction pattern and cellular programming is our software, and all of those software as well as the power needed to maintain them, is made of Bioenergy.
Because of that, when our body is not producing or using sufficient energy, we usually will suffer from some kind of functional failure, such as tiredness, bad mood. Also, when our physical body is damaged, normally it should be able to repair itself up to certain extend. However, if the software is not functioning well, repairs may be slow, partial, or not working at all. In this case, if we receive Bioenergy supply from external source, the software function may be returned to normal, or even temporarily enhanced, thus speeding up repair process.
For this reason, the study of Bioenergy is just as important as the study of physical body, and when suffering from illness or malfunction, we should consider the more efficient treatment between medicine, surgery, physiotherapy or Bioenergy therapy, and choose the most efficient and least damaging treatment for the problem.
The full explanation on bioenergy can be read in Bioenergy For Dummies: third edition.
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